Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was thinking about the little things that make life great and one of the things that struck me is friendship, so I decided to write about it.
I have come to realise that no matter how secluded for the entire world a sadist tries to be, there's still one or two persons he can relate with, although most times they usually have the same personality. Any way you try to look at it, everyone has and needs a friend. No one can have a fulfilled life without friends and when you are blessed with great friends, then life becomes somewhat of a bed of roses; forget about the thorns in those roses.
Now I think of my life as a child, being carefree and all. I think of those adolescent years when all that mattered was to exhibit that youthful exuberance associated with teenagers. Then I finally think of the point I am in my life right now, when I have my whole life staring at me in the face saying "make the goddamn decisions and live with the consequences forever". Throughout these phases of my life, I've made wonderful friends whom have added value, glitz & glamour, love.... to my life. And for that I'm sincerely grateful.
I have also come to realise that to have the best from friends, there must be steady communication. This fact cannot be over-ruled as the only reason for friends antagonizing one another is the lack of communication. Once friends are open-minded with one another, sharing ideas and listening to advice when necessary, I don't see any hitches coming in. Surely there would be misunderstandings....cos believe it or not, humans are very complex and most times don't even understand themselves....but the maturity with which these misunderstandings are handled goes a long way in determining the end result. Believe me, I've had grave issues with friends that folks out there would be like; "men that's it, this cannot be resolved", but today I'm still friends with such folks with the past just where it rightfully belongs, the past. I think that's the attitude of a true friend. Although friends whom we trust with all our hearts might disappoint us, acting in ways we least expected from them, that shouldn't deter us from being friends to that chap. Hey, that's the reason you were/are friends anyway!
As I was writing that last line, something just struck me and I think its wise to share it. It's one of my secret recipes for having the best from friends. I'm basically a fun loving guy, so I cannot and will not do without hangouts. Hanging out with friends creates some kind of bonding such that there's always a "circle of trust" around that group of friends. Believe me when I say this: "Life is too short to live the same day twice", and no matter how cliche it may sound, it has come to become the theme of my life . So hanging out with friends and having fun moments together is one of the major ingredients for great friendships. And you don't have to go to the most exotic of places to hangout for it to be fun. I've had fun just driving round town with friends, chilling at a friend's crib gisting & making merry or seeing a movie together. The basic thing is no matter where folks choose to hangout, don't take away the fun. That's what makes a hangout great or dry.
Friends are worth having, I have great friends in my life. And even though some of them are some mighty miles away, there'll always be a special place in my heart for them.
I value friendships.......Do you?


amakapreneur said...

you sound an interesting person. nice blog

amakapreneur said...

you sound an interesting person. nice blog

deola said...

You are right, u know?

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